Chengi Village / Pulau Ubin

Whilst on a trip to Singapore, I took a boat ride over to a smaller island in the straights between Singapore and Malaysia called Pulau Ubin. I took the below shot on the ferry ride back towards Singapore. The man on the boat presumably took this trip umpteen times a day, and was there to check tickets. I took a couple of pictures of him, but chose this one, as I thought the pensive expression he has was the most interesting. Only he knows what he was thinking about.

A man on a boat in Singapore

I then spotted the three men perched on the low rocks at the waters edge fishing. I never saw if they caught anything but based on the amount of fresh fish that you can find at all the hawker food centres, there must be some good potential to catch something.

Men Fishing in Singapore

City & Guilds Portfolio 1

I’m currently studying for a City & Guilds, Level 2 Certificate in Image Capture. The deadline for our first portfolio is just two weeks away, and I’m happy to say that I have chosen, and edited my final 10 images. These will be printed out next week, but I thought I’d give you a chance to see the portfolio here.

Initially I wanted the images in this portfolio to reflect the different aspects of the City of London, so rich, poor, new, old, fast, slow, etc. However. as I went through the shots, I’ve ended up with more of an architectural study of various buildings across the Square Mile, although I’ve still tried to show the varied styles and ages that exist.

As all 10 shots were in landscape orientation I decided to set them up as five diptychs. Not that each pair of images are necessarily connected, but I feel they do have a nice balance.

This is actually the first portfolio that I have ever put together, so any comments or feedback would be much appreciated.

EDL March London

I went out and shot some scenes from the EDL March that took place in London on the 3rd September 2011. From what I saw it was mainly peaceful, but I only saw the march from Aldgate and over Tower Bridge as I understand there was some more trouble at Kings Cross Station and also around Bethnal Green later at night. The police did a firm job of keeping them kettled in.

All of these shots were taken on 35mm film. (Canon EOS 1V, EF 50mm f/1.8 II)

Fujifilm Superia 200

Since I started using film, I’ve mainly been using the stock films from Boots. (still need to find out who makes these.) However, I’ve recently started trying out some different rolls, which is half the fun of shooting film right?

So yesterday I got the prints back of my first roll of Fujifilm Superia 200, which I shot with on my Canon EOS 1V.

Overall I’m really impressed with the colours, which in places show some good strong levels of saturation and a really sharp image. However the film also seems to be quite versatile as when the shot is devoid of many colours they come out with a nice soft feel.

It does seem to lose colour saturation though when the scene is very bright, but I guess this is not uncommon.

You can see some shots below.



Photos of Birmingham Moor Street Station

I used to use Moor Street Station in Birmingham as part of my daily commute to and from work. It is by far the most aesthetic train station in Birmingham and has kept many of it’s original features and character.

On my way back from work one night, I had some time to wait for my train, so took some shots with my Canon AE-1 Program.

As it was really dark I swapped to my 50mm lens so that I could take advantage of the large f/1.8 aperture and get some much needed light onto the film, particularly as I don’t have a tripod.

There is a lot of grain in the images as I was shooting with a 200 ISO film, but I think, as often is the case, it just adds a nice feel to the images.

First Photos with the Canon AE-1 Program

Picked up my films last night of the first shots I’d taken on my AE-1 Program. I’ve not really shot with 35mm before so this was good fun, and I loved the anticipation of waiting to see what sorts of photos I’d taken; and the verdict? Well I’m happy.

Firstly it’s nice to see that the camera and lens actually work, as at times I thought the shutter sounded exceedingly slow. I love the colours which are quite soft, and perhaps with a nice hint of green. There’s also a really nice grain in some of the more darker shots, which I really like, as it gives the shot a real vintage feel.

The films I used were a couple of Jessop’s 200 ISO, and were 3 years past their best before date! Now that I know the camera and lens are in good working order, I’m going to get a few more interesting films, not least a nice B&W.

Anyway, I’ve embedded a few shots below, so let me know what you think.