Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and like most Asian cities is large, hot and hectic. Many people may think of Thailand as being a mecca for young backpackers as they may there way around Asia, but it’s well worth visiting if luxury hotels are you preference over laid back hotels. The city hosts some of the most amazing roof top bars in the world, most of which are affiliated to a hotel, and along with expensive cocktails offer unforgettable views across the city. The main religion of Thailand is Buddhism and you quickly realise that their are a large number of temples throughout the city. One of the biggest is Wat Pho, where you can find the huge Reclining Buddha. On the other side of the river is the equally impressive Wat Arun, which is the site of the largest spire in the country. The temples are very active and you will see many monks going about their business along with lots of tourists.

Thailand is also famous for its fine silks, and the American Jim Thompson was largely responsible for taking this traditional craft and turning it into a very successful global export. Jim Thompson was a very popular man in this city, and his sudden disappearance whilst on a social trip to Malaysia created quite a story. To this very day, nobody has ever discovered what happened to him. Despite this, he has left a lasting legacy on this city and you can view his traditional Thai house in the city centre.