Rapha Supercross

Crystal Palace, London. 28/10/12.

This was the final race in a 3 part mini series of cyclocross racing held in the grounds of Crystal Palace in north London. For those of you who’ve not seen cyclocross before, it’s basically racing a lightweight road bike, with fat tyres around a predominantly grass track. So bit of a combination of road racing and mountain biking. Many pro cyclists use the sport like a winter training exercise and this event was graced by British Cycling stalwarts such as Nick Craig.

It turns out that this is not the most serious of all types of cycling, and that there is a firm focus on having fun. Cyclocross is big in Belgium and this was clearly reflected in some of the goodies to be found at the back of the course with Belgium beer, waffles and frites gracing the fast food menu’s. It seems to be a very social sport with many riders sharing a post race beer together once their race was complete.